What We Believe

I. WE BELIEVE that our Church is a community of faith, working together toward leading lost people to God.

 II. WE BELIEVE that to live as a community, prayer and study of God’s Word are essential elements for oneness of purpose.

 III. WE BELIEVE that when lost people see the Church from a distance they should be drawn by its love and abundant joy of life.

 IV. We BELIEVE that placing people to work in the proper place in the body of Christ, as volunteers and staff, is the key element to glorifying God and being effective in kingdom building.

 V. WE BELIEVE that fellowship, breaking of bread, and sharing faith stories binds the body to the state of, oneness.

 VI. WE BELIEVE in God inspired, Biblical teaching and preaching as the life blood of our church.

 VII. WE BELIEVE in praise and worship as a continuous reminder of our appreciation, loyalty, obedience and love for God.

 VII. WE BELIEVE in lending a life to the lowly, helping the helpless and restoring the fallen.

 VIII. WE BELIEVE in God-called and God-led leadership to plan, teach and exhort the direction of the Church’s ministry.

 IX. WE BELIEVE that God’s word supersedes opinions and therefore is our basic guide in all matters.

 X. We BELIEVE every Christian is an A5-G person, (Grace-Knowledge of Salvation; Growth—G12-Cell member; Gifts-Using Your Special God-given Abilities; Groups-Participation in a ministry: Giving-10% of Our Income and an Offering), we are willing partners in Ministry.

 XI. WE BELIEVE that our primary purpose in life is to be a witness to all that Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord.

 XII.  WE BELIEVE in the model of family and marriage as described in scripture: Genesis 2:24 ; Matthew 19:5; Ephesians 5:31. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Through this vehicle, the creation of children come,  continuing the cycle of life.  

It is our mandate to love all no matter how they come to the body of Christ, and to teach what we believe is truth, to shape us all in the image in which God created us.