Bishop Darryl F. Husband, Sr.


Bishop Darryl F. Husband, Sr., is the Senior Pastor of Mount Olivet Church in Richmond, Virginia, and founder of Life More Abundant Ministries. He is also the founder and Presiding Prelate of the Alliance of Ministries Equipping Nations (A.M.E.N.) – a fellowship of churches and men and women of God with the anointing in their lives to break strong holds and release the area troops to continue the work they begun.


For more than 35 years he has served as Senior Pastor to the Mount Olivet Church, a multi-cultural congregation in the inner-city community of Church Hill in Richmond, Virginia. Since becoming the pastor, Bishop Husband has founded and implemented many ministries, including L.I.F.E Church West and the soon-to-be announced L.I.F.E Church South. His passion for training leaders is evident through the growing Mount Olivet Leadership Education Network (MOLTEN) Bible Institute and newly formed Church Leadership Training School.


Bishop Husband received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Illinois State University with a major in foreign languages. He later matriculated at Virginia Union University where he earned his Master’s Degree in Divinity at the Samuel D. Proctor School of Theology. He earned a Doctor of Ministry degree in 2004 from Virginia University of Lynchburg. He has also done doctoral studies at Boston University.


Bishop Husband has several spiritual connections. He and Co-Pastor Sherrine Husband are connected and covered by Bishop Wellington Boone’s Fellowship of International Churches. Bishop Husband also serves the Global United Fellowship as the Bishop of Intercessory Prayer for the International Intercessory Prayer Ministry. Bishop Neil C. Ellis is the Presiding Bishop.


Bishop Husband has a heart for people of different ethnic backgrounds and has traveled to many countries around the world doing leadership workshops and leading worship: Scotland (Aberdeen, Glasgow), England (Colchester, Preston, Manchester, and London), India (Chennai, Nagaland, Mumbai), Brazil, Finland, Cuba, Ukraine, and Africa (Liberia, Ghana, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, and Cameroon) and Israel.


Bishop Husband is married to the former Sherrine Charity. They are the proud parents of Darryl Frederick Husband II, Gabriella Sherrine Agape Husband, Jason Oliver and two others the Lord gave, Daytriel Nzassi and Eric Elam.


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