our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Reaching Hurting People with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and coaching them into a LIFE of LOVE, INTEGRITY, FAITH and Excellence

Our Vision

M.O.C. is the place where the broken, the depressed, the oppressed as well as the oppressive, the confused, the lost, the lonely, the frustrated, the famous and the infamous can find hope, help, healing, forgiveness, guidance, peace, acceptance, and encouragement wrapped in the package of love.

M.O.C. is the place where people can have their dreams met with prayer, counsel and the courage to turn them into reality.

M.O.C. is the place where every life is on a mission from God to tell the Good News about Jesus Christ to the nations until the reputation returns that they have filled the world with the doctrine of Christ.

M.O.C. will become the place were every week we will welcome into our worship experience 20,000 in the sanctuary and 50 million around the world to share Godly fellowship as we learn how to live and laugh, pray, praise, sing and shout in harmony, till the enemy of God is defeated.

M.O.C. is the place where the word of God is taken seriously as a partner with prayer to grow us in grace through Bible Study, small groups, seminars, workshops, retreats, Bible School and leadership conferences.

M.O.C. is the place where people will come from around the world to find out how they can become equipped to do significant service to God by finding out their passion and helping them to discover their God –given spiritual gifts and talents.

M.O.C. will become the place where hundreds of paid full-time missionaries and church staff work with vigor and vitality in the Richmond area and around the world to empower people’s lives and move them from their present state to a life of abundance where they can become a blessing to others.

M.O.C. is the place that will cover 8 city blocks on which will be built many facilities in the community as the Anchor of Beauty in the Church Hill area of Richmond, Virginia. The following facilities will be erected A Worship Center, a Corporate office building, a Conference/Recreation Center where plays, receptions, sporting and other special events are held, a school, K-8 with the capacity to go 9-12 that houses our Institutes, Bible Study classes and weekly meetings of ministries. Restaurants will be erected to meet our multi-cultural environment, a credit union, bookstore, a park, a resource center, a crisis/treatment center, health club, parking decks, fountain of hope, beautiful landscaping, all in order to minister to the total person spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and socially.

These dreams are Reality!