Our History

In November 1899, the following persons met at the home of Brother J.G. Davis, 1118 Pink Street (the number has been since changed to 968 Pink Street) Sisters: Jane Nelson, Caroline Nelson, Fannie Davis, Adeline Banks, Isabelle Washington, Mary Woodson, Priscilla Brown, Sisters Coleman, Isabelle Davis and Brothers: J.G. Davis, Thomas Norman, Braxton Williams, Page Robinson, Joshua Banks, S.A. Clay Joseph Bowler, E.A. Washington, P.C. Woodson, Thomas Coleman, and Edward Brown to organize a Baptist Church.


The first worship service was held in a two-room frame dwelling.


The Rev. J. Andrew Bowler was selected Pastor of the Mount Olivet Baptist Church. The church was named after the Mount Olivet Baptist Church of New York City located on the corner of 120th Street and Lenox Avenue.


At a later date, three lots were purchased on the 25th and “S” Streets and a frame structure resting on brick pillar with a tarpaper roof was erected.


In 1913, a small brick building was erected on the same site. In 1949, adjoining property was purchased from Ashbury Methodist Church. In 1962, the church purchased property on the corner of 26th and “S” Streets.


The original contract for the new building was signed on June 12, 1962. However, before the contract could be signed, four members of the church mortgaged their homes through Consolidated Bank, as collateral for this new building. Those persons were: James Robinson, Sr., Winston Rollinson, Linwood Anderson, and Joseph L. Cosby. Of the four, only two lived to see the mortgage paid in full- Joseph L. Cosby and Winston Rollinson. Mr. Cosby passed on month later. Mr. Rollinson continues to serve on the Board of Deacons.


It became necessary to draw up and sign a new contract on April 11, 1963, when revisions were made in the architectural plans due to a new zoning ordinance by the city. The Dedication Services for our present Church were held on June 7, through June 30 1964. Dedication Services for the Educational Building were held on October 2, through November 28, 1977.

• Rev. J.A. Bowler was laid to rest on October 12, 1935.

• Rev. Freeman R. Berlack served as Pastor from 1935 to 1943.

• Rev. H.W.Washington served as Pastor from 1944 to 1948

• Rev. Emmanuel C. Kent served as Pastor from 1949 to 1983


The passing of our Pastors wife, Mrs. Geneva Hinton Kent in April 1979, saddened our church family.In July 1981, Mrs. Naomi L. Morse was appointed by Rev. E.C. Kent, our Pastor as the first woman Deacon of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church. In September 1981, Mrs. Helen G Thomas was appointed by Pastor Kent as the second woman Deacon of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church. Deacons Naomi L. Morse, Helen G. Thomas and William Lomax were ordained on Sunday May 16, 1985.

On Monday, June 14, 1962 Rev. Darryl F. Husband was appointed by our Pastor, Dr. E. C. Kent to perform as the Assistant to the Pastor effective on July 1, 1982.


In July 1982, after 33 years of successful service to Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, a letter of retirement from our beloved Pastor, Dr. Emmanuel C. Kent was read to the congregation, to become effective on January 1, 1983.


On November 25, 1982, the Fiftieth Annual Union Thanksgiving Service with the Asbury United Methodist Church was held at the Asbury Church located at 29th and Marshall Streets.


In a special meeting of the Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, Monday, March 14, 1983, Rev. Darryl F. Husband was elected as Pastor of this church. Approximately 200 members were in attendance and the vote was unanimous in favor of Rev. Husband.


Since Rev. Husband came to Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in 1983, many changes have been made. Many new departments have been added. Such as the Saturday Church School, a new Youth Department, a wealth Bible Study and in 1987, the air conditioners were installed.


On Homecoming Day, September 24, 1989, Deacon Naomi Morse and Mr. James Robinson presented the deed to the lot on the side of the church for a parking lot. A new church bus was purchased in 1989.


Other Important Historical Highlights include:

• 1991 – Mortgage Paid in Full

• 1992 – Mortgage Burning Ceremony – A $250,000 loan from Consolidated Bank to make improvements to the church, TV Ministry and Sound System. We also purchased property along 25th and 26 Streets which is currently being used for parking but will house our future church additions.